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At this time, Darcy is NOT teaching a regular Prenatal Yoga class, but they are being offered at ChildLight Yoga studio in downtown Dover, NH.

She is offering workshops for couples interested in learning the Yoga Birth Method.


At a Yoga Birth Method workshop, you will learn a very specific sequence of yoga postures and breathing techniques that are adapted to the physical and emotional changes of the different stages of labor.  They will enable you to manage contractions from a calm, meditative and controlled perspective. 

The Yoga Birth Method workshop is for women who are interested in educating themselves about childbirth and empowering themselves during their own baby’s birth.  This is a hands-on workshop where you will learn how to connect and work with your body to take you out of the experience of pain and connect you to the experience of giving birth. Partners learn hands-on techniques for helping mom.

Benefits of Yoga Birth Method:

  • Faster labor progression as the yoga poses encourage the baby’s movement into the birth canal

  • Learn to remain focused and in control of your birth experience in a positive manner

  • A deep mother-baby connection as they work together during labor

  • Birth partners learn specific techniques to physically and emotionally assist the woman during labor

For more information or to schedule a class, contact Darcy today!

Open to women in all stages of pregnancy and all levels of yoga practice – even if you have never done yoga before!

“The Yoga for Birth Workshop was one of the best classes we took as a couple. My husband learned some ways he could be involved in the birthing process and we got to have some fun at the same time. Darcy did a great job of educating us and giving us some tools to make the process seem a lot less scary. We loved our yoga “cheat-sheet” too. Would definitely recommend this class!! Love Darcy!”

Jamie, Dover, NH

“When I found out that I needed to be induced I was worried that my whole birth plan was going to fly out the window, but the tools and techniques I learned in the Yoga Birth Method kept me on track and able to have a natural birthing experience. My labor progressed quickly, but I used the different poses to keep my body moving. The different breathing techniques kept my mind focused no matter what stage of labor I was in. Yoga is based on two simple elements: the pose and breathing. This made it easy for my husband to encourage me and help me refocus. I truly believe that by doing prenatal yoga and the Yoga Birth Method workshop with Darcy I was able to have the birth experience I wanted and a quick recovery.”

Sara, South Berwick, ME


Planning for birth is important, planning for baby is also really important!

Many women have heard of a birth plan and do the work to create one, but not many women (myself included!) put much effort into planning for baby and the postpartum period.

In addition to teaching the Yoga Birth Method workshop, Darcy is a postpartum doula and lactation counselor, contact Darcy today to talk about YOUR postpartum plan!

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