“I would Google things all night long and then it was great to hash it out with Darcy in the morning and get real answers that made sense for me and my baby.”

Lauren, North Hampton, NH.

“I think the greatest gift Darcy gave me was confidence in my abilities as a mother. I highly recommend Dover Doula services for any new mother. Her very knowledgeable, practical, and supportive approach really helps calm your anxieties!”

M.J., Dover, NH

“I can’t begin to explain how invaluable Dover Doula has been. There is nothing that can prepare you for the life change that occurs when your baby actually enters the world. Darcy is a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of motherhood: from breastfeeding support, to techniques for calming a fussy baby, to helping Mom get back on her feet physically and emotionally. Darcy provides the amazing gift of supporting new moms in a gentle and unassuming way during such a fragile time. Using Dover Doula was definitely the best postpartum investment for myself and my baby! I highly recommend Dover Doula to any new mom!”

Cassie, Dover, NH

“Darcy has been THE best thing we did with all 3 of our babies, so much so that we increased the number of visits with each successive birth.  My positive postpartum experience is a direct result of her help. She skillfully helped me learn everything with my first baby, normalized my experience as I transitioned from 1 to 2 babies and then again with 2 to 3. It was the best feeling to be able to take a nap, wake up to a tidy house, a load of laundry done, kids cared for and any lingering questions/doubts put at ease when she visited.”  

Abigail, Portsmouth, NH

“Just to have her hold our son so I could shower or take a nap was a huge help.”

B.G. - Dover, NH

“Right after my son was born, I felt very anxious and was having a hard time with the idea of going home and caring for this new baby as I was recovering from c-section surgery. Darcy’s doula service was a huge help in adjusting to this new life. She helped me care for my son, including bathing and nursing him, and it was such a support for me to talk to her. She seamlessly entered our home and helped with household tasks that seemed overwhelming at the time. Darcy made great referrals to community resources and I’m so grateful.”

Allie B. - Portsmouth, NH

“Darcy is one of the most caring, compassionate, knowledgeable women I know - and she's also funny on top of all that, which in the postpartum time, a sense of humor is important!!! I thought going into having my third child I would be all set and know everything, but that birth was quite traumatic and I couldn't have gotten through many of those weeks without her help after my husband had to return to work - I still had 2 older children to care for and a lot of pain to manage. Darcy's assistance brought the peace of mind and support that we ALL needed. I am so thankful for her and can’t recommend her highly enough!”  

Tara H.  Dover, NH

“The Yoga for Birth Workshop was one of the best classes we took as a couple. My husband learned some ways he could be involved in the birthing process and we got to have some fun at the same time. Darcy did a great job of educating us and giving us some tools to make the process seem a lot less scary. We loved our yoga “cheat-sheet” too. Would definitely recommend this class!! Love Darcy!”

Jamie, Dover, NH

“When I found out that I needed to be induced I was worried that my whole birth plan was going to fly out the window, but the tools and techniques I learned in the Yoga Birth Method kept me on track and able to have a natural birthing experience. My labor progressed quickly, but I used the different poses to keep my body moving. The different breathing techniques kept my mind focused no matter what stage of labor I was in. Yoga is based on two simple elements: the pose and breathing. This made it easy for my husband to encourage me and help me refocus. I truly believe that by doing prenatal yoga and the Yoga Birth Method workshop with Darcy I was able to have the birth experience I wanted and a quick recovery.”

Sara, South Berwick, ME

“I needed some help with my daughter’s sleeping. When I felt too tired to think, I called Darcy at Dover Doula.  Darcy listens in a way that is unobtrusive and compassionate. She heard what we had done, what worked and didn’t work and gave us a plan so that I didn’t feel I was abandoning my daughter in the night, but also allowing her to learn to sleep/self soothe to sleep AND care for myself with normal amounts of restful sleep again.  Darcy gave me the confidence to take care of all of us in just a few short conversations! I called her recently to say, ‘It’s working! I’m sleeping and so is my baby!’ I felt results and support instantly.”

Amy, Mom of 7 month old girl

“Dover Doula provided me with excellent breastfeeding support.  Darcy is patient, knowledgeable, an excellent listener and extremely helpful.  I've been to other lactation consultants who pretty much take over the whole process and not let you do it yourself so when you get back home you still have no idea what you're doing.  Darcy not only came to my home, but she stood back, watched what I was doing first and then offered her advice and support in a very kind and reassuring manner. I highly recommend her!”  

Amy M.  Portsmouth, NH

“Thank you for your help. I feel like a rock star, and I would have given up had it not been for your encouragement.”

K.M. Bedford, NH

“I had Darcy come to my house for a lactation consultation and she was so helpful and encouraging. I will definitely lean on Darcy again for my next baby!”

Jen C. Dover, NH

“I had many troubles with breastfeeding; Darcy offered advice and reassurance along with encouragement and support (which I definitely needed)! She is very easy to talk to and as a mom herself, has been there and understands a new mom’s fatigue, anxieties, and the other hundreds of emotions that are overwhelming with a newborn.”

B.G, Dover, NH

“I had significant struggles breastfeeding my first child and wanted to seek some professional help with my second. Darcy was recommended to me and proved to be an incredible asset and an amazing help to me and my family. She was timely with her correspondence and flexible with her schedule to accommodate my crazy life with a newborn and a toddler running around. She came to visit in the hospital and then to our house as needed. She was kind, gentle, tender and very comfortable to be around. I found her overall demeanor calming, allowing me to focus on my baby.   Her support was the key to my success, she always followed up with me to make sure I wasn’t having any trouble and left me with helpful tips and notes to refer to. My baby and I are nursing pain free and efficiently all because of the assistance from Darcy. I would highly recommend her for postpartum and lactation consultation for any new or new again mother no matter how big or small your issue may be. Her prices are very reasonable and worth every penny, my only regret is that I didn’t find her earlier.”

Rose, Eliot, ME

“I had a visit today from Darcy Sauers of Dover Doula! What a nice visit! I got some great breastfeeding tips and a lot of encouragement. It’s nice to hear ‘you’re doing a great job’ and also how well my boys are doing!! Thanks so much for such a great baby shower gift! Every new mom should have a visit from Dover Doula!”

Julie, mom of twins

“A special thank you to Darcy  of Dover Doula for being a calm guiding force to help us make a plan to manage these first days and nights with newborn twins in the house.”

Kristy, York ME mother of twins

“What a gift it was to have you come to my house after the birth of my triplets. It was such a relief to know that I could take a nap or enjoy a little ‘me’ time and know that my babies were in loving and capable hands. I tell every pregnant mom I meet about Dover Doula and I highly recommend your services. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful you and your services are. Thank you so much, Darcy!”

Becky, Dover NH mother of triplets

“I had a great day yesterday with Dover Doula. I got to nap, eat lunch, had my laundry folded and dish washer emptied. The best part, noticing all the treats she left behind for me: water and snack by the bed side and Mother’s Milk Tea by the tea pot…thanks so much!!!”

Lindsay, mother of twins

“Joining this group helped me feel supported and less alone. It gave me a ‘safe space’ to ask questions or vent frustrations. We started essentially as strangers, but those in this group feel more like friends, comrades and teachers than anything else.”


Erika was incredible while helping us with our little one for her first 2.5 months. We always looked forward to our overnights with her. She assisted us in so many ways including perfecting our swaddles, helping us with house work but most importantly emotional support. She was also comforting on our breastfeeding journey and was able to guide us in-between attending our breastfeeding support group meetings to ensure our daughter was getting enough nutrition. As a first time new Mom, that was incredibly nurturing. We not only gained the support we needed during this precious time, but we also feel like we gained a special friend. We don’t know what we would have done without her and will highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in postpartum doula services. In our opinion, she is the very best!

Krissy C., Kittery, Maine