All new moms need help, but especially the moms of twins or higher order multiples!  Many families expecting multiples are flooded with offers of help, which is wonderful.  Experienced, nonjudgmental help from a postpartum doula can be vital to these families.

Dover Doula has provided postpartum doula support to many local families with twins and even triplets.

“A special thank you to Darcy  of Dover Doula for being a calm guiding force to help us make a plan to manage these first days and nights with newborn twins in the house.”

Kristy, York ME mother of twins

We help the families of twins by not only providing hands-on support so mom and dad can rest, but also offering tips and suggestions on the care and feeding of twins.

Additionally, we can provide support and education around tandem nursing and the pumping and feeding of multiples.

“What a gift it was to have you come to my house after the birth of my triplets. It was such a relief to know that I could take a nap or enjoy a little ‘me’ time and know that my babies were in loving and capable hands. I tell every pregnant mom I meet about Dover Doula and I highly recommend your services. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful you and your services are. Thank you so much, Darcy!”

Becky, Dover NH mother of triplets

Additionally, families expecting multiples are often faced with financial challenges as well, especially if babies or mom need to spend extended time in the hospital.  

If you have a friend or family member expecting multiples and you are wondering how you can help, please consider a Dover Doula gift certificate.

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“I had a great day yesterday with Dover Doula. I got to nap, eat lunch, had my laundry folded and dish washer emptied. The best part, noticing all the treats she left behind for me: water and snack by the bed side and Mother’s Milk Tea by the tea pot…thanks so much!!!”

Lindsay, mother of twins

Are you expecting twins or more?

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